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Eminent Domain Lawyer in Billings, MT

At Risk of Land Condemnation in Montana?

Protect your livelihood with the help of an eminent domain attorney. It's hard to imagine that the government can claim your land under eminent domain law, but it's an unfortunate reality that many farmers, ranchers, and landowners in Billings and Laurel, Montana must face too frequently. If you're at risk of land condemnation, don't wait, turn to the Law Offices of Bob Fain.

Work with an Experienced Eminent Domain Lawyer

It's overwhelming to think about challenging the government in court in order to keep your property. Don't take on your legal battle alone. Attorney Fain has decades of experience helping clients in Montana and nearby Sheridan and Cody, Wyoming and Williston, North Dakota fight back against land condemnation.

As an experienced eminent domain attorney, Bob has represented landowners with the following legal issues:

  • Challenging the right to take property away

  • Recovery of additional damages

  • Inverse condemnation claims

  • Regulatory takings

  • Land use issues and constitutional law issues related to their real estate

Attorney Fain knows what it takes to battle the government and other condemning authorities on behalf of property owners. We can help you recover claims for losses occurring in eminent domain and other types of property valuation cases.

Protect Your Property

How Can Eminent Domain Law Affect You?

The only two requirements of eminent domain law are that the land is condemned for public use and that the owner is given just compensation. However, land condemnation can affect landowners permanently. If the government uses part of your land for a road or pipeline, it could destroy the land and render it useless for farming or other profitable activities.

Whether you choose to give up the land or fight eminent domain, attorney Fain has your back. From Billings and Laurel, Montana to Sheridan and Cody, Wyoming and Williston, North Dakota, he has the knowledge and skills to benefit your case. Call now to speak with him about your situation and put his experience on your side.