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Industrial Accidents Attorney in Billings, MT

What Should You Do When You Sustain Injuries on the Job?

The risk of getting hurt on the job is much higher for those who work in a plant or factory. If you've sustained a workplace injury, the Law Offices of Bob Fain can assist you with the workers' compensation claim. Any recovery is in addition to your workers' compensation benefits. Attorney Fain is an experienced workers' compensation attorney in Billings and Laurel, Montana. He will work tirelessly on your case to achieve the best outcome possible.

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You may have rights over and above and in addition to, your workers' compensation benefits. In Montana, workers have the right to make third party claims beyond their workers' compensation benefits for injuries caused by other companies working at the worksite.

You put your own blood, sweat, and tears into your job each day. If you're exposed to harmful chemicals or hurt by heavy machinery, you deserve compensation. Call now to start working on your case with an experienced workers' compensation attorney.

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Representing Clients From a Number of Different Industries

No matter your industry or the cause of your injury, you can count on attorney Fain to fight for you. Some of his most common industrial accidents clients in include:

  • Industrial workers harmed by heavy machinery

  • Oil field workers injured after a fire or explosion

  • Chemical plant workers hurt from chemical exposure

  • Miners suffering from job-induced respiratory conditions

Recuperate your losses after a workplace injury. The Law Offices of Bob Fain is on your side.

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In addition to his experience in Billings and Laurel, Montana, attorney Fain has helped clients across the Sheridan and Cody, Wyoming and Williston, North Dakota areas as well.

With an in-depth understanding of industrial accidents and workers' compensation law, he is prepared to fight for your best possible outcome. You deserve to recover with dignity. Reach out for a free consultation today and put his experience on your side.